The Most Beautiful Places in the World

The Azores, Portugal This Portuguese archipelago, located some 900 miles off the coast of Lisbon, may pique travel fever with just one image. The Azores are a place worth seeing because of its lush valleys, sheer oceanside cliffs, rows of blue hydrangeas, and scattered waterfalls. Just be sure to go...
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Interior Design

Small kitchen ideas to make the most of a small space

Go for simple black and white Keep the kitchen's design as straightforward as possible by using black cabinets below, a white backsplash above, and open storage. This monochrome kitchen theme, sometimes referred to as a "tuxedo kitchen," is both historic and contemporary. White walls give it a clean vibe, while...
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Small Garden Ideas

Catch the Eye A grass island garden serves as a beautiful focal point. Add further flair to it with striking, eye-catching decorations or sizable containers. Plant tall, full plants in the middle of the island, which is visible from all sides, to evoke a sense of richness. Room With a...
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