classic cassata – upgraded with a cheesecake layer!

The classic cassata just got better - Layers of cake, loads of ice cream, cheesecake and a generous sprinkling of nuts! With my detailed step-by-step guide, this 2.0 version of the Italian dessert will be your new favourite sweet obsession! Cassata Siciliana. Apparently that’s what this lavish cake with Sicilian origins...
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Best Places To Visit In Australia

Great Barrier Reef It may be the most well-known destination in Australia, but with good cause! One of the seven natural wonders of the world is the Great Barrier Reef.The Great Barrier Reef, which spans 3000 km of Queensland's coast, is a diver's paradise. There is something for everyone, regardless...
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Adorable Crafts for Creative Little Girls

Minion Bracelets This project is quite simple and makes a darling accessory. Your youngsters would adore this bracelet if they are followers of the Minions. Even a video is included in the guide to assist you in your creation! Unicorn Party Balloons Try making these inexpensive DIY unicorn party balloons...
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 Best Family Cars You Should Consider Buying

Dacia Jogger The Dacia Jogger may be the ideal vehicle for you if you have a large family and enjoy road vacations. There is enough for both adults and children within the roomy seven-seater car. Additionally, the Dacia Jogger offers a load capacity of about 1,800 litres and minimal operating...
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