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fudgy chocolate pudding cake (eggless)

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This eggless fudgy chocolate pudding cake is self saucing, fudgy, and totally worthy of gluttony! If you LOVE chocolate, this is going to satisfy all those chocolate cravings and how. Made in the microwave, it’s got a cake-like exterior, but you spoon some out, and you’ll see a pool of sauce at the bottom. YUM!

Guys. THIS is the recipe you’ve been waiting for. Put everything on hold, because I’m gonna show you the secret path to chocolate heaven. It’s such a simple recipe which comes together in 30 minutes flat. Honestly, I felt like I was digging into a sundae at the Corner House. Their ‘death by chocolate’ is legendary. Put your life on hold and go there now! Orrr just make this chocolate pudding today! 🙂

This is an eggless recipe with just a few pantry staples. What I love about this pudding recipe is that it’s so flexible! You can add ANY toppings you want. I like to make this when I have guests over – the kitchen counter turns into a makeshift ice cream parlor with people yelling their orders! Fun begins with food, right?

here’s what goes into this quick dessert

  • The Butter and Milk Mixture: Two simple ingredients. But they are what makes this chocolate pudding fudgy and gooey. This is a baker’s favourite technique when making gooey stuff, especially brownies. The technique is to simply microwave and melt butter in milk. This makes the pudding fudgy and chewy, with a slightly crackly top. Not melting the butter will result in a dryish pudding, not what we want.
  • Flour: You’ll need all purpose flour for this recipe. And before you ask me, I haven’t tried this with whole wheat flour and I refuse to make this healthy 😂
  • Baking Powder: We are using baking powder as a double acting agent to help this pudding cake rise
  • Real Chocolate and Cocoa Powder: We are taking fudgy double chocolate very seriously here and adding both cocoa powder and real dark chocolate to this chocolate pudding cake. Extra decadent!
  • Toppings: Walnuts add a nice texture to this pudding cake. You can also use toasted almonds, cashews or pecans. If you want to avoid nuts, sprinkles also make a really fun topping!

Pro Tip: This chocolate pudding will rise when you bake it, so make sure you fill only about ¾ths of the baking bowl with pudding. It’ll fit perfectly when it’s baked 🙂

Eggless chocolate pudding cake served in a bowl with ice cream on top

what’s a self-saucing pudding?

Self saucing means the pudding creates its own sauce when baked. Our job is to gently nudge it in the right direction and watch the magic unfold!

Self sauce is made with boiling water and a flavouring ingredient – I used cocoa powder and brown sugar. I put this sauce directly on top of the pudding (watch the video). The sauce seeps into the chocolate pudding cake and makes it so moist. Self saucing is not the prettiest method there is, so don’t be alarmed. I guarantee you that once it’s baked, this pudding looks and tastes PHENOMENAL.

microwave at 50% 

This eggless chocolate pudding cake is baked in the microwave at half heat or 50% heat. Most microwaves have a default setting of 100% or full heat. In order to change it to 50%, you’ll need to choose the MICROWAVE option, the display monitor will show 800, which is full heat, reduce it to 400 (or 450, in some brands) by pressing the down arrow, or pressing the MICROWAVE option itself. Then set the timer accordingly. The method to do this might differ depending on the brand, however a quick brand specific Google search should be able to help you out.

tweak this recipe to your heart’s content

This microwave chocolate pudding cake is super flexible. You can easily substitute and use any of these toppings. All roads do lead to Rome… err. I mean the best chocolate pudding ever!

  • Nuts: You can substitute walnuts with almonds, cashews, peanuts, chocolate chips, etc.
  • Sauce: Get creative with this sauce. You can upgrade the sauce by adding some instant coffee, cinnamon powder or even grated nutmeg to the boiling hot water.
  • Toppings: Top off a bowl of chocolate pudding cake with peanut butter, nutella, chocochips, vanilla, ice cream, sprinkles, caramel crunch, the possibilities are endless!

We highly recommend serving this pudding with vanilla ice cream. This fudgy chocolate pudding cake is really chocolatey and vanilla ice cream just nails it.

My daughter reaching for the chocolate pudding cake

Bring the ice cream parlor home with this recipe! Or tuck into a bowl of warm pudding on movie night. And if you tried it, do leave us a comment below!

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