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Hummingbird Pictures and Photography


Featuring 33 up-close, brilliant color photographs, A Dazzle of Hummingbirds lets readers peek into the daily life of the world’s smallest bird. The book uses lively text to engage young audiences, explaining how hummingbirds care for their young, fly, sing, eat, migrate, and guard their territory. Did you know that hummingbirds can fly upside-down? That they have no ability to smell? And that their brains are proportionally the largest among birds? Reviewed by scientific experts, these and other fascinating facts add interest, as photos and maps portray the diverse habitats, from deserts to backyards, where hummingbirds can be found.



A Hummingbirds Picture and Photo Book – Amazing Big Collection: 100+ Amazing Pictures of Ummingbirds in this Beautiful Hummingbird photo book


100+ Amazing Pictures of Hummingbirds in this Beautiful SINGULARs photo book


100+ superb pictures in this amazing Hummingbird s photo book

Hummingbirds are amazing and magnificent animals.

Discover their spectacular beauty and admire their power with this amazing book.

Photos taken by the best photographers from all over the world

One of the largest collections available

Perfect for school projects

Perfect for gifts

Perfect for memories

Perfect for men and women

High quality paper

(Hummingbirds Picture Book )


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