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Origami For Kids With Simple Step By Step Instructions


What’s Included Inside…?

  • 50 origami designs
  • No previous experience necessary
  • A great screen-free activity
  • Designs are ordered from easiest to more difficult as your child progresses
  • Minimum supplies required
  • Great for learners of all ages
  • Video tutorials available if your child is ever stuck

If your child is ready to learn this beautiful art form, scroll up and select ‘Buy Now’ to purchase Origami for Kids!



Origami For Kids: 50 Amazing Paper Folding Projects With Simple Step By Step Instructions 

Origami For Kids
*Video Tutorials For Each Design Are Included As A Bonus Inside!*

Are you looking for a calming and entertaining activity for your child? Do you want your child to develop an educational and entertaining hobby? If so, then Origami for Kids is the perfect book for you!

Learning the art of origami, or paper folding, has many benefits for young minds. This ancient art form encourages creativity, develops patience, and promotes a sense of achievement. With minimal supplies needed—only one or two pieces of paper—it’s a great hobby to practice anywhere!

With simple-to-follow instructions, your child can begin with a boat or rabbit and advance to the more complex seahorse, lotus flower, or elephant design. You may want to join the fun yourself when you see the amazing creations from a simple piece of paper!


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