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The Complete Practical Guide to Discover Hummingbirds


A really nice book that gave me all the information about hummingbirds and made me discover how to turn my garden into a habitat for these beautiful animals. It is full of useful instructions and tips, from food to plants to place to attract them along with feeders and how to shelter them from predators.



The Hummingbird Bible: [3 in 1] The Complete Practical Guide to Discover Hummingbirds and Learn How to Attract, Identify, Feed and Protect These Captivating Creatures 


Revealed all the steps to bring hummingbirds into your daily living!

Would you like your garden to be filled with beautiful, multi-colored hummingbirds? Interested in finding out all the tips and advice for making your outdoors perfect for these birds?

If you answered YES, then you’ve landed on the right page…

Natives of the hottest places on the planet, these beautiful birds thrill many enthusiasts worldwide, with their extraordinary speed and almost unreal lively colors.

Many people try every day to lure them into their backyard, filling it with the magic these little creatures can spread, but this is only possible with the right know-how.

Designed for the absolute beginner, this guide will quickly allow you to get a hummingbird-populated backyard to impress friends and family!

Besides being incredibly beautiful, these tiny birds also play a significant role in pollination. This brings their presence to be 360-degree beneficial to your outdoor spaces!


Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover among the pages of this collection:

✅ How to recognize which among more than 50 species of hummingbirds you are hosting in your garden through 12 unmistakable features

✅ The 15 steps that few people know about to create a safe and welcoming space that hummingbirds prefer right in your garden

✅ The 5 foods you absolutely must avoid putting in the feeder, so hummingbirds don’t get hurt

✅ Plant hummingbirds’ favorite plants, flowers, and trees ensuring you have food to offer them all year round

✅ How to make sure feeders or flowers do not interfere with the migration or nesting of hummingbirds

✅ Protect your little hummingbirds from the most dangerous predators and potentially lethal artificial hazards

…and much, much more!



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