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Small kitchen ideas to make the most of a small space

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Go for simple black and white

Keep the kitchen’s design as straightforward as possible by using black cabinets below, a white backsplash above, and open storage. This monochrome kitchen theme, sometimes referred to as a “tuxedo kitchen,” is both historic and contemporary. White walls give it a clean vibe, while the black grounds the design.

Blend woods and whites

For a light and airy atmosphere, stick with a wood and white kitchen design that is Scandi-inspired. Large expanses of white cabinets and wood floors will produce a tranquil and uncluttered first impression.

You may always include some open shelves and add colour with flowers or plates and bowls in different colours. Warm lighting will make it feel less chilly.

Tongue and groove it

In your tiny kitchen space, why not use vertical tongue and groove wood panelling? Either approach adds character and helps your kitchen feel more finished, whether you stop halfway up the ceiling or go all the way to the top. This panelling is a fantastic alternative for anybody looking for country kitchen ideas since it adds a subtle touch of farmhouse design.

Hang lots of hooks

By hanging several storage hooks, such as this black rail and hooks used to hold mugs, you can utilise the walls and maintain things seeming spacious. Along with open shelves, it allows you to avoid top cupboards, which may occasionally seem a touch weighty in a small area. It also means that all of your cups are on show and convenient to grab for a cup of tea.

Think about how you use the space

Everybody wants their kitchen, no matter how big or little, to seem lovely. But in the home’s most active space, practicality is just as significant as aesthetics. Consider how you use your kitchen every day and what functions well and poorly.

According to Ben from Kitchen Makers, “Small kitchen design often has to work twice as hard owing to the space limits.” Making the most of your space requires careful planning, so think about how you cook as well as the appliances, crockery, and food kinds you want to keep.

Add luxurious small details

The aesthetic is vital, no matter what kind of cook you are, according to Ben from Kitchen Makers. However, you may add a touch of luxury and flair by choosing more ornamental handles or a statement backsplash and superb kitchen lighting. “Unfussy designs with clean lines tend to perform best in these sorts of rooms.”

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