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Top Attractions And Things to Do in Norway

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Nordkapp is the furthest point of Europe that is reachable by automobile, and it overlooks the line between the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. Contrary to popular belief, the Knivskjellodden Cape extends several thousand feet past Nordkapp, making it the true northernmost point of Europe.

Nevertheless, throughout the summer, tourists still flock to this hilltop to see the magnificent midnight sun illuminate the night sky. There is also a restaurant, café, gift store, and museum to keep you occupied if you want to stay a while to avoid the crowds of visitors.

Skiing in Hemsedal

Hemsedal, a ski resort town, is no exception to the amazing adventures offered by Norway’s snow-capped mountains. Hemsedal, sometimes referred to as the Scandinavian Alps, features three distinct summits and more than 20 lifts for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities.

Even if you aren’t into mountain activities, Hemsedal is a great place to spend a weekend. There are several cafés, eateries, boutiques, and even museums around the city. Even its après-ski events, which feature live music and bar hopping practically every weekend, are well-known worldwide.


One of Norway’s most popular waterfalls, Voringsfossen, is located in the Mbdalen valley. It descends a mountainside by over 600 feet before twisting through the valley’s cracks. One of the most gorgeous places you’ll see in Norway is Vorginsfossen, which is surrounded by craggy limestone cliffs and lush green woods.

Either at the bottom of the Mbdalen valley or at the top of the Hardangervidda canyon, you may view the waterfall. You’ll be rewarded in either case with panoramic views of Norway’s most revered natural monument.

Heddal Stave Church

The Heddal Stave Church, a marvel of Norwegian timber architecture that seems like it was plucked from a storybook, is situated in Heddal. The church was constructed in the 13th century and has three naves, giving it a tier-like aspect. It is one of just 28 stave churches that are still standing in Norway, making it a well-liked destination for both visitors and residents.

You may schedule guided tours to learn more about the church’s history and distinctive architecture even though it is still in use.

Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road winds its way through the islands of the Hustadvika and Avery archipelago. The Atlantic Ocean Road, one of Norway’s most famous driving roads, crosses several bridges, viaducts, and causeways, offering breathtaking views from your car window.

Even though it is only five miles long, you can still view some of the most impressive sights in the nation. Take in the scenery from the Kjeksa viewpoint, go for a little stroll down the Eldhusya walk, and then cross the magnificent Storseisundbrua bridge.


Both urban and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the lovely city of Troms. Despite being located north of the arctic circle, Troms is regarded as Norway’s vibrant cultural centre. Due to its abundance of churches and museums, as well as its accessibility to fjords and mountains, Troms continues to be a highly-liked tourist destination.

A well-known landmark is the Arctic Cathedral, a remarkable contemporary glass cathedral constructed in the middle of the 1960s. For expansive views of the whole city, you may also ride the cable car up to the Storstein mountain. Numerous noteworthy institutions, such as the Polar Museum and the Northern Norwegian Science Center, are also located in Troms.

Lofoten Islands

Go off the main path to the serene Lofoten Islands for some peace & quiet. The Lofoten Islands, which are located high above the Arctic Circle, are dotted with tranquil settlements, undulating hills, rugged cliffs, and bobbing boats.

You will have many of options for outdoor activities when visiting the Lofoten Islands. Along with hiking, skiing, rafting, and scuba diving, you can also spend your days surfing off the coast on picture-perfect waves. The best part is that its northern location makes it a great place to see the northern lights and the midnight sun.

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